This is the first CD in a series of CD's focusing on music as a healing art. The series is called Sound Prayers from Inner Space. The first CD of this series, Volume One: Quieting the Mind, consists of two compositions, each approximately 1/2 hour long.

     The first piece, Stream of Consciousness, is specifically composed to bring the active intellect into a state of calm by combining both freely flowing and highly structured elements into a harmonious, integrated whole.

     The second piece, A Welcoming Call, receives the listener in this state of calm and offers the opportunity to focus more deeply within. By alternately guiding the awareness to the heart, throat, and third eye centers, this composition introduces the listener to the process of inner healing and calls on the listener to consciously participate in this process.

     The sonic quality of this recording is soft with subdued high frequency content, offering just enough sonic stimulus to provide a point of focus while simultaneously not calling attention to itself when the listener succeeds in entering a meditative state.


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1. Stream of Consciousness



Total Time: 57:07
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2. A Welcoming Call



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