Roselight Flower Essences of Mt. Shasta
to enhance your spiritual journey

     Roselight Flower Essences are made with great reverence for Mt. Shasta and her fragile, sacred landscape. No plants are destroyed in the essence making process, and no endangered flowers, or flowers from environmentally fragile locations are used. Mt. Shasta is one of the Sacred Mountains of the world and is known world-wide for the purity of its air and water. The flowers that grow within Mt. Shasta's field of influence are of a very high vibrational quality. The essence of Mt. Shasta itself, combines with the essence of each of these flowers intensifying and spiritualizing their effects. All Roselight Essences are made by Sharon Callahan and prepared in a base of Sacred Spring Water and the highest quality brandy as a preservative. Blessings On Your Journey ! 

Roselight Flower Essences of Mt. Shasta

Meditative Attunement . . . An enhancement to meditation practice. Assists in quieting the mind and facilitates a calm, steady inner presence. Ingredients: Lilac, Peony, Shasta Star Tulip, Golden Lotus, Fragrant Water Lily, Mt. Shasta spring water and brandy. 

Clear Channel . . . Facilitates clear attunement to the higher realms. Removes blockages to unbiased perception and assists in releasing issues related to self expression. Ingredients: Cat's Ears, Cosmos, Sunflower, Deerbrush, Snapdragon, Mt. Shasta spring water and brandy.

Violet Flame . . . Cleanses old energy patterns so that new life and inspiration may enter. Assists the development of trust and openness, so that one can more easily access higher guidance. Ingredients: Pine Violet, Fireweed, Comfrey, Mt. Shasta spring water and brandy. 

Essence of The Mother . . . Makes available the energies of the beloved Mother Mary. Wonderful for times when you need spiritual nurturing. An excellent formula for those in recovery programs and for children who must be separated from their mothers for any length of time. Ingredients: Lotus, Shasta Lily, Bleeding Heart, Water Cress, Pink Milkweed, Rock Water and brandy. 

Easy Spirit . . . For those who tend to be too rigid in their spiritual practice. This formula fosters the ability to integrate the spiritual life into the more mundane facets of daily living. Relieves the fear that one will "back- slide spiritually," if one relaxes into life . . . Brings spiritual joy. Ingredients: Tiger Lily, Deerbrush, California Pitcher Plant, California Wild Rose, Morning Glory, Shasta Daisy, Panther Spring rock water and brandy. 

Angelic Attunement . . . Allows a closer affinity with angels, devas and fairies. Especially wonderful for times out of doors. Ingredients: Larkspur, Wagon Creek Buttercup, Daffodil, Lavender, Cosmos, Mt. Shasta spring water and brandy. 

Awakening Goddess . . . Especially created for the woman experiencing difficulty during mid-life. Releases old emotional patterning and feeling of low self worth. Facilitates the unfoldment of the "Goddess Within." Allows a woman to see and to love her own unique beauty. Ingredients: Heartsease, Tiger Lily, Farewell to Spring, Pretty Face, Manzanita, Fuchsia, Evening Primrose, Mt. Shasta spring water and brandy. 

Sacred Relationship . . . This combination of essences encourages the perfect uniting of purity and sexuality and fosters relationship of the highest spiritual order. Ingredients: Golden Lotus, Tiger Lily, Squash, Bleeding Heart, Shasta Lily, Dogwood, Rock Water and brandy. 

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