Connecting with the Sacred Spirit in all life through meditation, music and reflection.

Retreats 2007

Scheduled Retreats - 2007 Retreats, seminars and conferences sponsored by Sacred Spirit Ministry. With slide shows of past retreats.

Past Retreats

Past Retreats - seminars and conferences

If you never searched for truth . . . 
come with us
and you will become a seeker.
If you were never a musician . . .
come with us
And you will find your voice.
If you’ve lost your spirit . . .
come with us
Take off your silk coverings
put on our rough cloak
and we will bring you back to life.

In our gathering one candle lights hundreds.
We will light your path and give you courage
so you open like a flower
and join in our joyous laughter.
Plant the seed of truth and watch it grow
when it spreads its branches
come with us and sit under the blossoms.
Your eyes will open to the secret of Truth.
Jalaudin Rumi

  • SACRED...entitled to veneration or respect by association with Divinity. Regarded with Reverence.
  • SPIRIT...the principle of Conscious Life that is the essence of All. The animating principle that pervades and tempers thoughts, feelings and actions.
  • RETREAT….A place of refuge, seclusion and privacy. To withdraw to such a place for restoration, renewal and rebirth.